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Cheating in School essays There are many forms of cheating used today in school

-The title of Harry Bruce's essay is an allusion to the common saying "And may the best team win" or etc. This title plays an important role because it shows the reader exactly what the essay will be about. The title also grabs the readers attention because it is ironic; cheaters don't usually win.

-The whole essay is very ironic because we have the author telling us about reality of cheating in the sports world, especially collegiate, and all colleges and university's have strict no plagiarism rules but yet when it comes to sports these same adults are encouraging students to cheat in order to get ahead. Bruce's use of irony in his essay greater strengthens his argument by showing the reader how hypocritical and wrong these people's actions are, and that if you can't cheat your way to receiving a degree then why can you cheat your way to a championship?

Despite urban legends about everybody cheating, cheating is in fact rare enough (or perhaps successful enough) that most professors have little experience with it and only rarely know the details about the procedures they are theoretically expected to follow. From time to time the faculty is sent a notice providing some advice on the subject (or urging them to crack down or go through channels). As far as I can tell, they rarely pay any attention to it.

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People still have their own opinions, and I respect that. Mine however, will never change. I guess it’s only logical to think that people can change, if they truly want to. The thing is, most people are so set in their own ways, that the change simply never comes. You make a mistake once, and chances are high that you will make the same one over and over again. I have definitely learned to be cautious about who I trust; once a cheater, always a cheater.

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All professors agree that cheating is despicable. They disagree about the details. Very few of them will give you particularly useful generic guidance, but most of them are happy to answer questions with reference to their own classes.

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It embarrasses me to have to discuss cheating, since the issues seem obvious. However, lest there be any doubts, here we go. The discussion represents my views and applies to my courses. Other professors may have slightly different formulations. Unlike most professors, I've tried to include some of the less obvious stuff

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