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A 5 page essay that examines Charles Dickens' Hard Times, focusing on Dickens' attitudes toward industrialism that are demonstrated in this work. The writer argues that in Hard Times, Dickens not only demonstrated the dehumanizing effects of industrialism on the workers, but also showed that the power involved in this process perverted the character of owners and management as well. No additional sources cited.

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A 3 page essay on characterization, symbolism, and theme in Charles Dickens' 'A Tale of Two Cities.' The author's literary technique & style are discussed in considerable detail. No bibliography.

Remember, you must support your argument with ample references to a single Dickens novel. (No multiple-novel essays please.)

Literary criticism of Great Expectations has paid much attention to the subject of time in the novel, but often takes a psychological approach that disregards material and economic factors. In contrast, this essay tries to demonstrate that nineteenth-century economic theories and technological developments are crucial to the narrative’s treatment of time. I argue that Great Expectations responds to economic and technological influences on time-consciousness with a figuring of time that is not only exceptional for Dickens’s corpus but also an exception to a prevailing undercurrent in much classic theorizing on time in the novel genre. Whereas modern criticism tends to emphasize the capacities of the socalled epiphanic or frozen moment in literature to provide liberation from the regimented consciousness of clock time, the epiphanic moments of Great Expectations instead convey a sense of entrapment within a poignantly disturbed state of desire. Insofar as the epiphanic moments of Pip’s narrative are a revelatory shattering of time, the revelation is that they are animated by fetishization, by a desire for human connection which is distorted by fascinating appearances. For in Great Expectations, time itself is subject to the psychic structure of commodity culture.

The Bleak House By Charles Dickens English Literature Essay

This essay surveys the work done on Dickens and science, especially the cross-fertilization between Dickens and Darwin. It also lays out the terrain of Dickens’s direct, oblique, and metaphoric engagement with nineteenth-century science, and pursues the scientific trace in his letters and speeches. The novels reveal the ways Dickens’s scientific curiosity informs his fiction, from his concern with origins in David Copperfield, his parody of science in Hard Times and The Pickwick Papers, his interest in waste and recovery in Our Mutual Friend, and his playfulness with entropy in Bleak House. But Dickens’s profound attention to science is most evident in the journals he edited, Household Words and All the Year Round, which regularly engage such topics as botany, the microscope, chemistry, light, the ether, photography, circulation, and exploration. While generally enthusiastic about change and the new, celebrative of emerging technology, receptive to metaphors science avails literature, and curious, overall, about scientific developments, Dickens was nonetheless guarded. He believed that science and the imagination, troped as fact and fancy, head and heart, should operate dialectically. Though not possessing an acute scientific sensibility, Dickens, the essay shows, engaged science often and in more meaningful ways than it generally appears.

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In an essay of 3 - 5 pages in length, respond to a single Dickens novel by analyzing any topic or theme of the book.

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A 5 page essay that discusses to what degree Dickens' criticism of Victorian society is weakened by elements in the novel such as characterization and plot. The writer asserts that these elements, as Dickens wrote them, as quite appropriate to the context of his book. No additional sources cited.

Book Report on Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens Essay

6 page paper that discusses Bleak House by Charles Dickens. Comments about this novel from contemporaries are offered. The focus of the essay is the character Esther Summerson. Bibliography lists 8 sources.

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This essay surveys Dickens scholarship published in 2003, with summaries of and comments on individual items. A brief introduction provides an overview of the project. Books dedicated largely or entirely to Dickens are first reviewed, in two categories: first, reference and biographical works; next, critical monographs. The following section turns to books which, though not dedicated to Dickens, devote a substantial portion of their discussion—a chapter or more—to him or his works. The third section reviews two collections of essays and articles about Dickens, one of them Dickens Studies Annual. In the final section, essays and articles appearing in journals are reviewed, again in two categories: the two journals dedicated to Dickens—Dickens Quarterly and The Dickensian—followed by a sampling of essays published in other journals.

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