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An Essay on Typography is a 1931 book by Eric Gill about the history of typographical art and production, and its state in the 1930s when Gill was writing.

The editor was proud to announce that Gill "designed the typeface often seen in " Further, the magazine advertised an essay by Eric Gill - . That is, the magazine gave an unreserved endorsement to Gill and his works.

Eric Gill was perhaps the greatest English artist-craftsman of the twentieth century: a typographer and lettercutter of genius and a master in the art of sculpture and wood-engraving.'A wonderfully detailed account of his personality - so vivid, you feel you know just what it would have been like to visit him at one of his patriarchal communes . . . A Dominican, dining with the Gills, once thought he saw a nimbus shining around Eric's head. Despite the sexual improprieties it unearths, MacCarthy's authoritative biography allows you to understand how someone might have thought that.' John Carey, Sunday Times

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ISBN 0- 9. 03. 88. X.^Cape, Jonathan. Jonathan Cape. Gill contributed: Clothes: An Essay Upon the Nature and Significance of the Natural and Artificial Integuments Worn by Men and Women^Gill, Eric. An Essay on Typography.

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Typography: An Encyclopedic Survey of Type Design and Techniques Through History. Black Dog & Leventhal. ISBN 1- 5. 79. 12- 0. Fuller, Peter (1. Essay: Eric Gill,: a Man of Many Parts. Images of God, The Consolations of lost Illusions. Chatto & Windus.

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In 1. 92. 5 he designed the Perpetua typeface, with the uppercase based upon monumental Roman inscriptions, for Morison, who was working for the Monotype Corporation. An in- situ example of Gill's design and personal cutting in the style of Perpetua can be found in the nave of the church in Poling, West Sussex, on a wall plaque commemorating the life of Sir Harry Johnston. He designed the Gill Sans typeface in 1. London Underground.

As for Eric Gill and his "personal sins," he kept a record of his debauchery in his personal diary. His distributist village included "free love" and rape of his daughters. In fact, his daughters were the models for the nudes he drew. Why do you consider it irrelevant to expose the public sins of a degenerate who is tied so integrally to the distributist movement and whose essays are used to promote it?

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Gill, Cecil; Warde, Beatrice; Kindersley, David (1. The Life and Works of Eric Gill. Papers read at a Clark Library symposium, 2. April 1. 96. 7. Los Angeles: William Andrews Clark Memorial Library, University of California.

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Gill Sans is a trademark of The Monotype Corporation registered in the United States Patent and Trademark Office and may be registered in certain jurisdictions.

Eric Gill biography - tracing the development of his work as a typographist, stone carver, and engraver, with details of his extraordinary private life

Eric Gill - Wikipedia. Arthur Eric Rowton Gill. ARA (. He is a controversial figure, with his well- known religious views and subject matter generally viewed as being at odds with his sexual behaviour, including his erotic art and sexual abuse of his daughters. Gill was named Royal Designer for Industry, the highest British award for designers, by the Royal Society of Arts.

An Essay on Typography by Eric Gill, 8790 essays: last essays, Visuelle and scope and contents note, text file (, I don t like it much.

A well-known broadcaster and critic, Fiona MacCarthy established herself as one of the leading writers of biography in Britain with her widely acclaimed book Eric Gill, published in 1989. Her biography of Byron was described by A. N. Wilson as 'a flawless triumph' and William Morris won the Wolfson History Prize and the Writers' Guild Non-Fiction Award. She most recently published Last Curtsey, a memoir of her early life as a debutante. Fiona is a Senior Fellow of the Royal College of Art, a Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature and an Hon. Fellow of Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford. She was awarded the OBE for services to literature in 2009.

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Eric Gill's opinionated manifesto on typography argues that 'a good piece of lettering is Gill Essay Typography as beautiful a thing to see as any sculpture or painted picture'. This essay