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All of these differences tend to lead to communication problems. If the people involvedare not aware of the potential for such problems, they are even more likely to fall victimto them, although it takes more than awareness to overcome these problems and communicateeffectively across cultures.

Yet sometimes intermediaries can make communication even more difficult. If a mediatoris the same culture or nationality as one of the disputants, but not the other, this givesthe appearance of bias, even when none exists. Even when bias is not intended, it iscommon for mediators to be more supportive or more understanding of the person who is ofhis or her own culture, simply because they understand them better. Yet when the mediatoris of a third cultural group, the potential for cross-cultural misunderstandings increasesfurther. In this case engaging in extra discussions about the process and the manner ofcarrying out the discussions is appropriate, as is extra time for confirming andre-confirming understandings at every step in the dialogue or negotiating process.

For example, one should always assume that there is a significant possibility thatcultural differences are causing communication problems, and be willing to be patient andforgiving, rather than hostile and aggressive, if problems develop. One should respondslowly and carefully in cross-cultural exchanges, not jumping to the conclusion that youknow what is being thought and said.

Sample Essay Cross-cultural communication tries to bring together such relatively unrelated areas as cultural anthropology and established areas of communication

The key to effective cross-cultural communication is knowledge. First, it is essentialthat people understand the potential problems of cross-cultural communication, and make aconscious effort to overcome these problems. Second, it is important to assume thatone’s efforts will not always be successful, and adjust one’s behaviorappropriately.

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Effective cross cultural communication is critical in this context and is discussed in this essay. Rethinking the Culture-Negotiation Link This article reviews four different approaches to understanding the impact of culture on negotiation. Links to examples of Related Approaches. Mediation. Communication Skills Improvement . Active Listening .

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