Shook, John R., editor Early Critics of Pragmatism

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Pragmatists believe in a broad and diversified curriculum. They endorse a more general education as opposed to narrow specialization. Pragmatic curriculum is composed of both process and content. When we consider what a child learns as fixed and ready made, attention is directed too much upon outcome and too

And so, they press back. I live in a large suburban area (Orange County, California), and most of the people I know that oppose gay marriage are–in my estimation–persuadable. But when the change is from someone whose first instincts are to label them as a fascist, a homophobe, or a hick: it’s pure human nature to react “Fuck you! I’m standing pat.”

little upon process. Pragmatists focus some attention on process, because ends should not be divorced from means. So they assert that the means. used to accomplish something dictate what the actual ends and outcomes really are.

History tells us very little of Titus Lucretius Carus, but one can see

In the arena of gay rights, especially, the biggest part of the problem is that the opponents don’t understand you. They feel frightened and threatened, and think that their universe is going to change. Many don’t know a gay person (or, at least, don’t know that they know one.) Best way to show them that they’re fearing a boogie man? Show them how boring gay couples can actually be.

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Continuous, gentle pressure will get you where you want to go. There is no “powers that be”–that is a rhetorical construct. What there is, is people.

from reading his work that he has a strong dislike towards religious

Happily, advocating for OEP avoids the problem of inadvertently striking a judgmental tone when describing non-OER users () because discussions about innovation are not driven by guilt or avoidance. Rather, OEP articulates a vision of education that is aspirational and driven by an approach motivation. Within this broader vision, significant cost savings to students are the least significant benefit of OER.

You don’t think a large part of Martin Luther King’s job was cooling down the radical factions who wanted to see faster progress–the Malcolm Xs, and the Stokely Carmichaels? Do you think that if the civil rights movement had started out by throwing rocks they would have made the progress that they did?

superstition, which he claims is the root of human fear and in turn the

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If I recall correctly, I believe James Gosling, the creator of Java, noted that he looked at up to 10 different ways to test for “equality”, each of which is useful in a specific context. I believe it was in the C/C++ Journal that I read, in a discussion on overriding the equality operator, that there are 26 different notions of equality. Scheme has three different functions for testing equality: EQ, EQL, and EQUAL, each of which can yield different results for lists that have sublists as members.

Idealism, according to the ..

The use of programming terminology as a means of describing human behavior is probably fraught with hazards, but can be equally illuminating if done with care. For instance, if these memes are likened to programs running in the wetware of leftist intellectual brains, then how much of their effectiveness within that person is dependent on compromising what passes for the Arithmetic-logic unit? I.e. to be more specific, the comparator unit? Much of what passes for leftist reasoning is based on drawing equivalences: take the implication Adrian10 makes that the current american environment is equivalent to that of pre-nazi germany as a means to lay the groundwork for accusing america of going Nazi.

Idealism vs Realism: ..

The use of bloodlines as a means to determine the content of character is a short-cut, it being much easier determine who someone’s parent is than determine how they will behave under pressure or temptation. Racists make similar gratuitous associations for exactly the same reason: they can’t prove or disprove someone’s character traits, so they make an assertion based on an assumption of a causal/property connection whose property (skin color) is easier to determine.

“It is merely a stage in the development of a new Idealism that will do ..

Nicely put Ptah, and how is it any different from suggesting that someone is inferior or superior because of their bloodlines? I really don’t understand it. Maybe Adrian10 can explain it?

What is the Role of a Teacher According to Pragmatism

NO responsiblity without causation, period. You’re in no position to posit or propagate gratuitious moral cause-and-effect relationships when you insist on judging me for what others have done. It smacks of a revival of the “royal blood/common blood” fallacy that insisted that virtue flowed via bloodlines, only you turn it around and insist that responsibility flows via bloodlines. I don’t believe ANY of that BS. Why should I honor a judgement derived from a patently deficient moral code that insists, among other things, that people are judged by the group they belong? on unvoluntarily imposed responsibility for the deeds of another? that blindly accepts accusations and demands some sort of response without concrete proof?