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Their Opinions On Racism Examples In Society Othello is an important piece of work because it is the first example of an African-American protagonist in English literature.

and courtiers. Importance of Othello Facts This shows that the Duke of Venice is not racist towards Othello. He is saying that though Othello's skin may be black, he is virtuous and one should not be ashamed to call a man, of his virtue and ranking, your son-in-law. Iago's Opinion Quote "Even now, now, very now, an old black ram is tupping your white ewe... Or else the devil will make a grandsire of you." Act I Scene I Line 89-90 Interpretation When Iago says this, he is saying that a black ram is having sex with Brabantio's white lamb. The black ram is referring to Othello and the white lamb is Desdemona.

This is one of the racist comments Iago says about Othello throughout the play. Later on in the quote Iago references how if Brabantio does not stop the relationship then he will have a black grandchild. The Duke Of

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Positions of Authority 16th Century During Shakespeare's time it was uncommon for someone of colour to hold a position such as Othello's. It was uncommon to hold positions in the military and unheard of to hold a position in political office. This is a clear indication of the inequality. People of colour were used mostly for cheap paying labour jobs, if they were being payed at all. In today's society there is still examples of racism. Even though we have improved a lot since the 16th century, people of minority still face many inequalities. A prime example of this is the lack of ethnic diversity in politics, particularly in the US. Modern Day Objectives Demonstrate the racism during the 16th century.

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How racism in Othello relates to the racism present in the 21st century. Conclusion Racism was a major issue in the 16th century. Especially with the beginning of slavery, when African-Americans were treated without basic human rights.

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Modern Day Prejudice Brabantio's Opinion Quote "But he bears both the sentence and the sorrow that to pay grief must of poor patience borrow. These sentences, to sugar or to gall," Act I Scene III Lines 212-214 Interpretation In this quote Brabantio is talking about the pain he has from hearing the statement of Desdemona's love towards Othello. This is an example of interracial marriage. Brabantio was very fond of Othello and thought that he was a good general. However as soon as he hears about his daughters marriage with Othello his opinion of Othello changes. Prejudice and Marriage

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In The 21st Century The prejudice Brabantio shows towards interracial marriage is similar to the prejudice towards same-sex marriage in today's society. Similar to how Brabantio didn't have a problem with Othello before he married Desdemona. In today's society, some people who oppose same-sex marriage are tolerant of same-sex couples.