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Asking a preacherwhere he gets his ideas for a sermon is a bit like asking a painter ora playwright where he gets his ideas. The making of a sermon is moreart than science. Even an artist, though, will study and refine histechnique. There is no process or procedure which can replace themystery of creativity. However, having a plan can help disciplinethe mind; creating the right atmosphere for creativity. The followingis a step- by-step procedure for developing an expository outline.

1. Read your chosen text in more than one translation.

To celebrate his legacy and pay tribute to his years ofministry, fifteen of Hughes's friends and colleagues from acrossthe globe, including J. I. Packer, Wayne Grudem, John MacArthur,Peter Jensen, and D. A. Carson, examine what it means to be anexpository preacher. Among the contributors are professors, auniversity chaplain, a college president, and urban churchplanters—living testimonies to Hughes's wide influence.

"Preaching from the Old Testament is crucial for the church but often neglected. After all, it is difficult to know how the Old Testament relates to the gospel of Christ, which is the heart of the Christian faith. Many pastors struggle with the Old Testament, and seminaries often do an inadequate job preparing their students in this area. For those who need help, Sidney Greidanus is an excellent teacher as he exposits the book of Daniel and carefully guides us to proper preaching of its important message, showing us how it leads us to Jesus Christ."

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Preach the word essays on expository preaching

"No one has been more influential in this generation of preachers, and in my life personally, than Sidney Greidanus on the necessity of Christ's purposes pervading all biblical exposition. I welcome this latest contribution to his extensive body of work that has so blessed Christ's church."

Preach the Word: Essays on Expository Preaching: In Honor of R

Beginning with a general introduction on how pastors can interpret and preach from the biblical psalms — and why they should — Greidanus proceeds by discussing twenty-two psalms in the Revised Common Lectionary, Year A, supplying the building blocks necessary to preach from Psalms at Christmas, Easter, Pentecost, and other major days and seasons of the church year. In addition to laying out basic homiletical-theological approaches suitable for each selected psalm, these chapters also provide verse-by-verse exposition, bridges to Christ in the New Testament, and ideas for placing the psalmist's words into contemporary context.

Internationally esteemed as an expository preacher and evangelical spokesman, John Stott edified thousands of Christian preachers and listeners during his lifetime. His writings, marked by a special clarity of expression, continue to speak to readers around the world.

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