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Mackenzie attempted to reorganize the shattered Reform party, but his efforts resulted in little but defiance and fisticuffs. From fighting to firearms was one step, but from carrying guns for self-defence to drilling in their use to fight officialdom was quite another. Throughout 1837 the press regularly reported on Reformer military manoeuvres and rumours of their secret production of pikes. In October 1837 a young Reformer marched down bearing a white flag on which were inscribed in large, black letters the words, LIBERTY OR DEATH. His makeshift banner was planted firmly in the ground in front of a house in which Reformers were holding a meeting. A Tory on his way to a meeting of Tories chanced to pass by the house, saw the flag flapping in the wind and said to a friend, After a brief tussle he took the hated pennant and raced to the Tory meeting, where the was torn into strips and tied to the tails of their horses. Political events went from bad to worse. A crisis was in the making.

Some of the rebels who responded to Mackenzie's call to arms decided after sobre second thought that the exercise was hopeless and counselled calm and speedy dispersal. Other more highly motivated individuals pressed for an immediate attack on the defenseless city. Their heated arguments were interrupted by word that a force of Head's government supporters including pistol-packing Head and led by Colonel James Fitzgibbon was wending its way up Yonge Street.

"It is what we prevent, rather than what we do that counts most in Government." (Mackenzie King august 26, 1936) This statement sums up the best secrets of Mackenzie King's success as prime minister, and perhaps, the key to governing Canada effectively. King's record of prime minister is sometimes difficult to judge. He had no uninteresting images, he gave no repetitive speeches, and he champions no drastic stage. He is remembered for his easygoing, passive ...

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Clanranald, Penelope Louisa – (c1676 – 1743)
Scottish Jacobite courtier and peeress
Penelope Mackenzie was the daughter of Colonel Alexander Mackenzie who served as the Governor of Tangiers during the reign of King Charles II, and his French wife Louise Bouvinot. She became the wife (1694) of Allan Macdonald (1675 – 1715), the Chief of Clanranald. There were no surviving children. Clanranald took part in the rising of 1715 and died at Drummond Castle from wounds received at the battle of Sheriffmuir (Nov 15, 1715). In recognition of her husband’s loyal service King James III created Penelope the Baroness Clanranald (1716). With her death twenty-five years later without heirs, this peerage became extinct.

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