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a 1-2 page essay that describes a Rite of Passage that you may have gone through during your lifetime. A more formal definition would be:
An event that marks a person’s progress from one status to another. It is a universal phenomenon which can show anthropologists what social hierarchies, values and beliefs are important in specific cultures. Rites of passage are often ceremonies surrounding events such as other milestones within puberty, coming of age, marriage and death. Initiation ceremonies such as baptism, confirmation and bar or bat Mitzvah are considered important rites of passage for persons of their respective religions.
I would like you to write and describe an event that you have gone through that has changed your perception of yourself, your perception by those around you, and any new roles, expectations that came along with your Rite of Passage.
For example; you may describe when you had your first child and the new roles that came with being a mother or father. You may describe when you got married, graduated from high school, got your drivers license, etc.

Every ethnic group possesses its own distinct understanding of the life cycle and its own elaborate set of rituals to mark life's stages. For groups in the United States, however, cultural assimilation, intermarriage, modernization, and a national ethos that values innovation and change all have taken their toll on traditional rites of passage. Many of the rituals have been lost entirely, and of those that have survived or have been revived, almost all have changed in practice and meaning. This essay inquires into the ways that traditional rites of passage have evolved in the American context, focusing on traditions for four major life passages: birth, coming of age, marriage and death.

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