A premise is a statement in an argument that provides reason or ..

From a structural point of view, each premise becomes a subpart of your essay.

The research involved was very broad, an omnivorous study of everything from tree kangaroos at Perth Zoo, which I spent a day sketching, to old Victorian photographs of public works being constructed, colonial drawings in the State gallery, books about antique furniture, industrial architecture, Surrealism. I also reviewed some of my old science fiction drawings languishing in my folio, including a couple which happened to deal with 18th century figures in strange antipodean deserts, and ended up working several ideas from these into .

Other than the planned use of the premise developmental device, one may also use it spontaneously. It is this use that is most helpful to students with in-class writing assignments such as themes or essay tests. The spontaneous use of premise relies on the generative nature of language, and in particular, the generative nature of a few special words.

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Logic in Argumentative Writing: Principles of Composition ..

(Here, the conclusion of one argument is used as a premise in another

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