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Sir Uvedale Price (baptized 14 April 1747 – 14September 1829), author of the Essay on the Picturesque, AsCompared With The Sublime and The Beautiful (1794), was a landowner who was at the heart of the ' debate' of the 1790s. Apartfrom the andgarden design debates described below, Price's theory resurfaced in and concepts of the mid-twentiethcentury, being a source of inspiration for the Townscape Movementconceived by Hugh de Cronin Hastings (aka Ivor de Wolfe), editor ofthe (), and hiscolleagues in 1949. As much as The Picturesque was meant to be amiddle ground or synthesis of the Beautiful and the Sublime forPrice, for Townscape theorists, the Townscape movement was meant tobe a middle ground or alternative approach to what were perceivedby Hastings as two branches of , theRational (i.e. ) and the Organic (i.e. ) approaches toarchitecture and urban design.

The Rugged Sir Uvedale Price, a philosopher on the picturesque, somewhat agreed with Gilpin, but did not go all the way to say that picturesque and beauty and opposites of the other. He said, "I hope to shrew in the course of this work, that the picturesque has a character not less separate and distinct than either the sublime or the beautiful, nor lass independent of the art of painting" ("Essays of the Picturesque" Sir Uvedale Pric). His idea was that if the picturesque and the beautiful share the same quality as a desire to be painted, then how could one deny parts of the other in each? The beauty in the picturesque may not be experienced as expected, but it still provokes a beautiful experience. Poets say that beauty is brought into existence by that experience. Though the idea that the picturesque is a label given to images or scenarios that promote a powerful emotional experience. To be truly sublime it must evoke trembling emotion, ruin, or pain. The image needs to be real, not grandiose, fabricated or desired. Now let's examine the following: Though the photo is large, and captures a wide

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Essays on the picturesque, as compared with the sublime and the ..

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