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For all these reasons it's hard not to approach Allen's films biographically. The man on screen was always a persona, of course, and yet the works seemed like fragments of a great confession: regarding Annie Hall, Allen and Keaton had been lovers (her real name is Diane Hall); Radio Days (1987) is slantwise memoir. It's symptomatic that so often when Allen imagines a character writing, what they produce is part autobiographical fiction, part wish-fulfilment. For me, as an adolescent in the 1980s, Allen's films opened a door to sophistication – not that alluring knowingness of defeat that permeates a movie like , but a world of dining out, love affairs and cultural consumption. The first time I heard of the possibility that someone could enter psychoanalysis was through Woody Allen. A film such as Love and Death (1975) appealed to the teenage me, who had just discovered Russian novels, loved them and yet could find it funny that I loved them, a turn of events that little in my environment allowed for. With (1986), it's hard for me to be objective; it seems so personal to me, it's sometimes a surprise that other people know it.

Amazon is in the midst of a TV and movie spending spree, an apparent attempt to beat out streaming rivals like Netflix and Hulu by outbuying them. Amazon Studios has done deals with directors , , and that will see their movies arrive on Amazon Prime, and has spent lavishly on its own range of original TV shows, including The Man in the High Castle. it landed the rights to Woody Allen’s still-untitled next movie, in a deal that The Hollywood Reporter was worth $15 million upfront — an extravagantly expensive offer 15 times the amount Sony Pictures Classic paid for Allen’s last movie.

Netflix, like Amazon, has been throwing cash around to get the rights to smaller movies — the streaming service dropped for Sundance success Beasts of No Nation. But Amazon is perhaps having an easier time than its rival in making deals with established figures like Woody Allen because unlike Netflix, it’s not demanding that their movies arrive on its service on the day and date of their release. Amazon has shown itself to be happy to let its purchased films have their standard theatrical releases before shifting them onto Prime Video. Netflix, on the other hand, has locked down movies like Adam Sandler’s The Ridiculous Six, which wouldn’t even try to get into the big theater chains.

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Perhaps Allen now seems a comfortable figure, the official bard of bourgeois Manhattan. In fact, he is one of American cinema's great experimentalists in narrative, a man devoted to finding out as many different ways as possible to tell a story. The fruits of his years in psychoanalysis are apparent here. Annie Hall tries every means possible to fragment the individual and its story: split-screen scenes, empty frames, black frames, subtitling (to show what people are really thinking), a disembodied soul drifting off during sex, a cartoon version of Woody, confrontations with the younger self, the man up on TV versus the same man on the street. It's tightly structured, but the film's surface is nonetheless non-linear, digressive and self-questioning. If the early films seemed self-obsessed, Allen responded by moving on to the group portrait, creating narratives that were diffused and decentred, with double or even triple plots. Such movies produced a complex image of their social milieu. He is a man immersed in Americana, who has also been sceptical about America. His inclination towards European cinema could account for his perceived lack of success with the American audience. Without his penchant for and Mort Sahl, he might have fully been what he almost is, the American .

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His great subject is the illusion offered by art. Watching films, and making films, have offered him – and us – a place of escape. In Hannah and Her Sisters, Woody Allen's character, Micky Sachs, has his faith in life restored by a Marx Brothers movie; to paraphrase Kenneth Williams, if life is a joke, then we might as well make it a good joke. Yet the more recent film, You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger, exposes the fatuity of our sustaining illusions – the beauty of the woman in the window opposite, the flattering promises of new age "spirituality", the thought that death and old age might be evaded with a treadmill and Viagra. The delusions unravel, or not, but are seen through and sent up. In his loveliest films, The Purple Rose of Cairo or Midnight in Paris, there is a gentler unmasking. He acknowledges the glamour of the silver screen and the magnetism of the past. When the films return to the real, they do so honourably, knowing and accepting that, while sometimes disappointing, the best kind of life is the life that actually is.

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